Our customers are the best! We always appreciate when they choose us for their auto service needs,
and we are honored when they appreciate us in return. Below are some compliments we've received over the years...

I have 100% confidence in Crescenzo Auto Service! John Crescenzo is a true professional  giving top notch- service with a smile. John and his staff are respectful, always on time, and able to help on the spot. I’ve called many times with small issues and his reply is always, "Bring it right over." He’s the minute clinic of car problems and hands down maintains the cleanest  and brightest garage I’ve ever seen and felt comfortable stepping foot in. Truly the best in Philly!

~ Denise L, Philadelphia, PA

As my car chugged over the Walt Whitman Bridge on my commute from Vineland, NJ to Center City Philadelphia, I wondered who I could call if I got stuck. Then I remembered—John Crescenzo! I looked up Crescenzo Auto Service's address and managed to chug up Broad St., then down McKean St. to the garage. Upon my arrival, John immediately put me at ease, promising to look at my car and have an answer for me by lunch—and he did just that! Not only did I have an answer, but John was able to fix my car, and while doing so, he gave it a complete once over, topped off the fluids, and lubed the hinges. Crescenzo's Auto Service has great customer service and their garage is the cleanest, neatest garage I have ever seen in my life!

 ~ Janet H., Vineland, NJ
Whenever I'm in need of auto service, whether it's for general maintenance, a repair, or even because of a car accident, John Crescenzo is always there for me. I never have to wait when it's an emergency—John comes my rescue every time! I recently needed body work done to my SUV due to a car accident. Not only was John very helpful, (and got my car back to me a lot faster than I had anticipated), but the insurance adjuster had such nice things to say about him, his staff, and his shop. Thanks for everything, Crescenzo Auto Service!

~Tiffanie D., Williamstown, NJ
John and his family have always been there for me whenever I have had any sort of car trouble. They treat you like “family”, openly communicate with you throughout the repair process and are always willing to go out of their way to make you feel at ease. We have used them for simple oil changes to major engine repairs and  have always felt they did great work at a fair price. We have recommend them to dozens of people over the years and will continue to in the future.

~ Frank L., Swedesboro, NJ

Crescenzo Auto Service is the Fountain of Youth for my 11 year-old car.   John has it running like the day I drove it off the lot!  In this economy, everybody needs a good doctor, a good accountant and most importantly, a good mechanic.   John Crescenzo is the best mechanic I have ever used in 40 years of driving vehicles.

~ David G., Philadelphia, PA

As a woman, I never learned much about cars past how to drive one.  Trusting your mechanic is very important to me and John has earned my complete trust.  I seem to pay a lot less with John and get superior work.”

Fran L., Philadelphia, PA

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